You only want the very best for your baby, and the same goes for the milk he or she drinks. Nutrilon is a popular brand of baby formula among parents with young children. Nutrilon’s baby milk is not always easy to get across the border, so many expats depend on online webshops. Luckily there is the Dutch Expat Shop, we have a wide range of Dutch and Belgian products. This makes it easy to order your favourite products from there online.

Assortment of Nutrilon baby milk

Nutrilon’s baby milk can be recognised by the large numbers on the front of the packaging. Think of Nutrilon 1, Nutrilon 2 and so on. When looking for the right Dutch formula you should pay close attention to these numbers. The numbers on the packaging indicate for which age the baby milk is suitable. For example, Nutrilon number 1 is always suitable for babies up to and including 6 months. The rest of the numbers differ per brand of baby food. Nutrilon Follow-on has numbers 2 and 3 on it’s packaging. Use Nutrilon toddler with number 5 and up for your toddler. Within our overview of Nutrilon products, the age for which the baby milk is suitable is always indicated. This makes it clear to see which Nutrilon is suitable for your child. Apart from standard Nutrilon, Dutch Expat Shop has a wide range of special editions, including Nutrilon Follow-on, Pepti and Omneo-comfort.

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