Quality Control

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Since maintaining the standard of product quality is the core competency of our business, we are keen to stay abreast of all contemporary advancements in quality control methods. To assure the safety of the products, we engage with numerous health professionals and continuously improve our production procedures. Through the use of traceability systems, which keep track of our raw materials throughout the manufacturing process from the planting of seeds to the shipment and arrival, to assure optimal quality, our packing stations, which are BRC and HACCP certified, also ensure efficiency. In order to ensure that the hygiene and quality of its products are at the highest level, we also rigorously analyzes them in a laboratory housed within our packing stations.

As for our GLOBALG.A.P accredited farms, Toc Trading BV has the most up-to-date crop protection equipment installed that includes biotechnology products, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides in order to enhance the welfare of our partners by averting any potential diseases or insects that could affect our perfect quality.

Our goal is to promote personnel development and intercommunication. Additionally, it uses sustainable agriculture practices and irrigation techniques to conserve water in an effort to assist environmental protection.

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